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We offer repurposed billboard tarps at a great price. Our tarps are previous heavy duty billboard adverts that were flighted outdoors for only a few months.

They are made from 100 % waterproof 3-ply PVC vinyl with a graphic printed only on the one side, the other side is blank, either in black or white. Coverit recommends used tarps because they are ten times stronger than regular tarps besides being UV-protected, are highly durable and resistant to tear. Their condition is as good as new as they are usually only flighted for 3 months. Our Billboard Tarps are available in a huge variety of sizes.

This business has arisen from my children Jake age 10, and Bryce age 9 doing school projects on recycling/repurposing. One of my business’s Range Media an outdoor media business produces skins and they asked can’t we re-use and repurpose those skins? I have embarked on this business venture with my boys to teach them both the importance of recycling/repurposing as well as business development skills.

Coverit is repurposing business focusing on creative re-use. Our tarps are taken from outdated billboard advertising and repurposed and could be used to cover various items as listed below, as well as being useful for other applications.

farmingFarming Equipment

concreteBuilders(covering concrete)

shipping-tarpShipping cargo

truckTruck Cargo

cricketCricket Pitches

pond_linerPond Liner


boatBoat cover